Highest Paying Survey Sites

Highest Paying Survey Sites that Pay Cash

Online paid surveys are a great way to earn some extra cash, and when you sign up with many of them, you increase the amount of cash you can get every single

Most surveys only take a few minutes, but some take up to 1 hour to do, and these are the ones for which you get paid the most!

When you get paid to take surveys online, you are often given a choice of getting a cash payment or getting points that can be redeemed for either cash, merchandise or gift cards for major retailers.

Below is the list of top 7 best paying survey sites. Click on the each link to join these highest paying survey sites and get paid for sharing your opinions.

Note- you need to confirm your email id after joining each survey panel to complete the registration.

  1. National Consumer Panel
  2. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel
  3. One Opinion
  4. Survey Junkie
  5. Lifepoints
  6. Ipsos i-Say

You should never have to pay to take a survey, pretty much every legitimate paid survey company offers free paid surveys only.

Though there are many out there who believe paid online surveys a scam, I know for a fact that there are thousands of companies out there, in every niche imaginable, from huge retailers to fast food places to medium and smaller size companies, they all have one thing in common. That is, they need to know the opinions of real people, like you and me.

Whenever a company is going to spend millions of dollars to launch a product, you better believe that they have spend equal that amount in research and yes, they have no problem actually paying people for giving their honest opinion on whether they like a product, what they like about it, how much would they pay for it and many other question.

Knowing the answer to these questions before spending millions of dollars on a product launch and advertising campaign means that the chances of the success of the product have just gone way up, and product success means money for them. So, don’t worry, paid online surveys are certainly not a scam. You can get paid to take surveys without worrying.

We are also compiling a list of the top 10 free paid surveys, and that will be launched shortly. In the meantime, please peruse our free list of paid surveys. Looking for surveys paid by PayPal? There are a few. We are compiling a list of them for you.

One way to make money on the Internet is to take surveys for big companies. What an ideal way to make money for the person who is home watching children or waiting for the unemployment check. It gives you an opportunity to feel like you’re contributing to the household and hold your head high regardless of the employment opportunities in your community. This option can provide a moderate income. Many of the largest companies update their marketing strategies using the results of surveys taken by people like you and me.

This little known secret of taking surveys is becoming more popular as the current economy puts more people at home needing to supplement their income. There are many companies and websites on the Internet claiming to show you how to make money taking surveys. To find companies that offer surveys that pay cash, simply search for “paid surveys” in any of the search engines.

Two of the keys to making money taking best survey sites are volume and organization.

You will not get rich taking surveys, but you can make a decent amount of cash. No one survey company will supply you with enough surveys to make a large amount of money so you will want to join many online survey companies. You can organize the various groups who pay for surveys in something a simple as a text document, a spreadsheet, or you can even seek out some of the programs that do the organization for you.

However, don’t feel as though you have to spend a lot of money to be organized. If you have a natural mind for organization, you can keep things simple without a lot of extra expense.

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